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Initial Token Offering ITO for EMV - Ethereum Movie Venture that licenses the worlds first Ethereum funded movie The coin holders and the movie are closely linked, since they receive the 75% of the net profit of the movie. ICO/ITO Phase 2 is

sold out

Now you can either get your EMV at the exchanges (Ether.Delta and or wait for phase 3 -> buy a ticket for the movie that includes 5EMV here:

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some facts

about us

Our team consists of scientist, developers, artist, creative people from the movie and circus scene. Our credo is that we have to create a low budget projects to create a big impact.

Our History

we have started this venture creating the worlds first Ethereum funded movie Find all the information about the crew and the cast behind this venture at

Our Vision

A blockchain based and blockchain funded independent movie production company that a) brings back the profit to the consumers and investors b) fosters the advantages of Ethereum and shows the mainstream consumers how easy and pleasant it is to use blockchain technology

See the set of the - first Ethereum funded movie